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Adult Peepshow Sex Toy


Fun comes first ...

Playdoor is the world’s first 'Adult Peepshow Sex Toy' for couples. The adjustable lightweight frame has been designed so that you can have FUN within seconds of un-zipping the handy size travel bag.

Once assembled, simply choose any door frame in your house and pop it inside. The Playdoor panel has zips and peepholes in all the right places, so you can peep, tease, please and play with your partner for as long as you both can stand it. Hey, don’t forget to watch the short video clip.

Choose a sexy suggestion from the pack of Playdoor PlayCards and slip one underneath the door. Remember actions speak louder than words, so shhh! and simply enjoy the experience.

Playdoor makes forePLAY become morePLAY

MD - Buckshe Pleasure Boutique

When we opened up Playdoor we couldn’t stop smiling at each other, then it got very naughty and exciting, especially when we used the cards. I loved the fact I was in complete control and to be honest, he loved it too!

Jayne - N.E. Lincolnshire

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